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There is a cemetery on our property that old timers  called the "Old Settler's Graveyard."

As Legend has it, during the 1800s some of the first white people settled here on the hills above Pigeon Creek. They had access to fresh water from springs on the property, but without modern facilities and healthcare as we know it today, some of them developed severe Cholera.

Those who did not survive were buried on a hill on the east side of the property. The "hand hewed" stones are worn; the lettering is aged and undecipherable now. It also appears they gathered stones from the fields and made a large circle to surround the resting place of their loved ones. The plot is now overgrown by trees, but since our family moved here in the 1940s, care has been taken to preserve its integrity.  A small monument has been placed there as reference to future generations who might not realize that it is a cemetery. ~

           Will post photos soon. . .
Old Settler's Graveyard
             An Old Settler's Graveyard